Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Erotic Romance

Alexis Moonlight ~ Book 1 of the Cross Knight Chronicles

The year 2066, October seventeenth, everything changed.

Creatures only believed to exist in fantasy novels and horror movies crawled up from their graves and declared in one powerful roar that they were the supreme species.

The immortals.

For mankind, the end days were here!

The devil spawns rapidly multiplied, turning their victims into demons against their will. They spread around the globe like a plague. Humans died in droves. Blood and tears ran like rivers in the streets.

Mankind was forced to put their differences aside to survive. Such a shame that’s what it took. Maybe that was the idea. Maybe that’s why God had forsaken the human race. It was because they had forsaken him.

*Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Erotic Romance*

Cover Artist: Bookin' It Designs

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Alexis Moonlight Book 1 Excerpt

A knock at the front door shattered the peaceful silence. 

Alexis stepped out of the room and stared at the door. She glanced at the black lit numbers hovering above it. 

11:57 PM. 

It was probably Sanjay. Damn. Took only a second to decide she wasn’t going to answer. “Nope. Not tonight.” She didn’t have the mindset for the drama he was about to drop on her.

“Officer Moonlight, open the door,” Sanjay gritted out, pounding harder. “Now!” 

Aw hell, he called her officer. That meant he wasn’t alone. 

Hesitant, she approached the door and took a gander at the security screen. 

Sanjay glared into the camera, his eyes narrowed and his jawline drawn tight. Four men stood behind him. 

Guess I should’ve expected as much. 

She’d made some off-the-wall moves today. As a result, an inquisition was in order. Ugh… Before heading back to the compound, she was told to report to Central Command. That was well over two hours ago. If she didn’t open the door, she could easily be court marshaled.

Too bad I don’t give a shit.

Rolling her eyes, she shuffled into the kitchen. She had a hankering for some vintage wine. She grabbed the big bottle at the back of the lower cabinet. Year 2021 screamed from the label in large script. “Yaaas! Thank you, Cole.” As she rummaged through her drawer for the cork-popper, four beeps resonated from the front door. 

“Security overwritten,” the disembodied voice announced. “Door opening.”

“Figures.” Alexis grumbled. 

The clack of Sanjay’s heavy boots striking the concrete floor entered the kitchen. Accompanying steps followed his.

“The fact I didn’t answer the door means I don’t want to be bothered,” she murmured, pouring the scarlet liquid into a glass. “And by the way, I’m nowhere near decent…” With her wine glass in hand, she turned and offered a wry smile to the high-ranking officials standing in her kitchen, clad in their pristine uniforms with badges of honor pinned to their lapels. “But I’m pretty sure you can see that, yeah?” 

Five sets of wide eyes roamed over her.  

Sanjay, the only one in armor, glared at her so hard the vein in forehead bulged. His face turned beet red. His jawline twitched.

Wondered what pissed him off more. The fact she didn’t open the door, or the fact his male colleagues were getting an eyeful of his girlfriend’s assets. 

The only fabric shielding anything were her boy-cut panties. The sheer top she wore did nothing to conceal her large breasts and hardened dark nipples. “Well since you’re here…” She lowered into the seat at her small dining table and crossed her naked legs. “What can I do for you gentlemen?”

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