Raven's Seduction

Raven's Seduction

"He touches me without laying a hand on me. He caresses my soul without speaking a word. How can I resist him when seduction is his superpower?" 


Raven Chan, a former international model, moves to the US to start anew. One day, he sees a woman who takes his breath away. He tries to get her attention, but she’s distracted by a heated conversation on the phone. He finds himself following her. He realizes if he doesn’t connect with her now, the chances of him finding her again are slim to none. 

Naturi Ross is stuck in a pattern, going from one bad relationship to another. She considers herself a strong black woman on the road to success, but when it comes to affairs of her heart, she just can’t seem to get it right. As her insecurities heighten, her self-esteem dwindles. Then a man of any woman’s dream crashes into her life. Quite literally. 

Buckle up and hold on tight! Raven's Seduction is an emotional rollercoaster ride, rife with feverish desire and passion. 

**WARNING: Not suitable for the faint of heart, prudes or those easily bothered by strong language, urban dialect, the use of the N-word, aggressive seduction, frustrating circumstances, smutty, raunchy sex and spots of violence.** 

*Erotic Romance, Multicultural Romance, Urban Romance*

Cover Artist: Bookin' It Designs

Photographer: Taria A. Reed

Models: Clark and Toya

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Raven's Seduction Excerpt

Suddenly, there was a screech of tires, then BOOM. Her car lurched. 

“What the hell?” Naturi tapped the brakes, slowing her car to a stop. She peered in the rearview mirror, but no one was behind her. “I think someone just hit me.” 

“For real?" her counsin asked. "You okay?” 

“Yeah, let me…” Her eyes whipped to the right side mirror. 

A spinning wheel poked out from the rear of her car. 

“Aw shit, let me call you back.” Naturi activated the hazard lights then grabbed her phone off the dashboard holder. Her heels clacked on the concrete as she stepped out the car. “Oh lawd, please don’t let nobody be dismembered back here,” she muttered under her breath, scurrying to the rear. 

A motorcycle was spilled onto its side. A few feet away, the rider was laid out on his back, his helmet still on. 

“Jesus!” she shrieked, shuffling over to him. “Are you okay—are you hurt?”


He groaned and shook his head. A silky voice wafted from beneath the helmet. “I don’t know yet. Let me get up and see.” 

“Here, let me help you.” She extended her hand and braced her footing to help him off the ground. 

Taking her hand with his gloved one, he rose to feet. His weight yanked her out her stance. With a yelp, she stumbled forward and ended up smashed against him. Her weight should’ve pushed him backwards, but he stood as firm as a brick house on a windy day. He looped an arm around her waist, holding her steady, so she could catch her balance. 

“Opps—sorry.” Quick to gather herself, she skipped back, putting distance between them. “Guess I’m not as strong as I thought.” 

He swept his gloved hands over himself, dusting off his arms and legs. A burnt crimson toned leather jacket and matching pants layered his masculine physique like it was tailormade just for him. A pair of boots with silver buckles at the sides climbed up his calves. Judging by how expensive his bike looked and his overall ensemble, this dude wasn’t a penny pincher. 

Rolling his shoulders back, he stood at his full height. If she wasn’t mistaken, he was about a foot taller than her. “Well, it doesn't feel like anything is broken. I think I’ll be okay.” 

Naturi eyeballed him for a second before speaking again. “You were supposed to go around, not run into me. What happened? Did you not see my car’s big ass in front of you?” 

He chuckled then lifted the helmet off his head. “Must’ve missed it…”

Her jaw went slack. She stumbled back as if he shoved her, but he hadn’t laid a hand on her. He simply removed his helmet and revealed his face—a face that was so fuckin’ pretty it seemed unreal. His eyes were a bright shade of brown, slanted, angled upward, exposing his Asian descent. An olive skin tone accompanied his features. A faint shade of maroon eyeshadow and a charcoal liner that ended at a perfect feather-like tip framed his eyes. Shoulder-length, jet black hair cascaded down the side of his face. 

He ran his gloved hand through his mane, raking his back from his forehead. “Then again, maybe I didn’t,” he added with a wink. 

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