Seducing An Assassin, Carnal Diaries, Erotic Romance, Interracial Romance, Mystery

Seducing An Assassin ~ The Carnal Diaries

“Life is not worth living unless I’m living it on the edge.” ~ Roscoe Deverati

Billionaire playboy, Roscoe Deverati lives his life in the fast lane, breaking hearts along the way. As a result, he has gained more enemies than friends. Of course, with the enemies come retaliation, which explains how his name took the top spot on an assassin’s hit list.

Zoe Monroe, a master assassin, accepts the contract to cancel out some rich hotshot with a huge ego. She immediately gets to work on setting him up for the kill. The moment she sets her riflescope’s crosshairs on him, a strong desire for him rises within her. Ultimately, her attraction to him compromises her mission when he lures her into a sultry cat and mouse chase. 

Will Zoe carry out her mission and eliminate him, or will she give into his seduction to find out just how big his ego is?

*Erotic Romance, Interracial Romance, Mystery*

Cowritten by: Pachet Burson

Cover Artist: Karri Klawiter

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Seducing An Assassin Excerpt

After attaching my bipod, I slipped on my black leather gloves then took my post. 

One-thirty p.m. Like clockwork, Deverati’s snowy Bugatti whipped around the corner and parallel parked across the street from Café Josephine. 

“Alright Half-a-mil, let’s do this.” I watched the car through my scope, anxious for the moment my mark revealed himself. 

The butterfly door on the driver side swung open, he stepped out and the world shifted into slow motion. 

“Daaayum,” I breathed out.

The Italian leather shoes, tailored black slacks and tan trench coat fit him to perfection. A gust of wind breezed by and flared his coat’s tail, adding to the magnificence of his striking presence. A pair of dark Aviators hid his eyes. Sheer arrogance poured off of him in waves as he strutted across the street. 

When he disappeared into Josephine’s Cafe, the world returned to its normal pace and I caught my breath. 

Fuck the pictures! This man was gorgeous. Even his swagger was a thing of beauty.

Before returning to my sniper scope, I blinked twice. “Focus, Monroe,” I whispered as I mentally reminded myself of the mission. 

Eliminate the target. 

His superciliousness alone justified him as being more than worthy of a visit from my bullet. But, as I watched him walk across the street with his standard large latte in hand, something about him intrigued me, and it wasn’t just his looks.

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